Journal - 2017

New Rules & Regulations for 2017-2018 Deer Season

October 13, 2017 at 10:10 am

Following are a list of rules and reminders for hunters at Smuteye Plantation for the 2017-2018 deer season:

  • Based on the DMP report we received from 2016-2017, we have decided to limit our deer harvest to no more than one (1) buck and one (1) anterless deer per hunter.  We might decide to revisit this decision later in the season, but for now, that is the plan.
  • Our goal for trophy buck management is let young bucks grow to be mature bucks.  Our rule of thumb has always been to let the buck walk if you aren't willing to put a full shoulder mount on the wall.  Mistakes will happen, but that's your buck for the season, so make it count!
  • A spike with points clearly visible above the hairline is not considered an "anterless deer".  It will be counted as a buck.  Take care when you make the decision to pull the trigger.
  • We will continue to strongly encourage the shooting of coyotes and feral hogs this season with no limit (to the extent that rule complies with Alabama rules and regulations).
  • As in years past, please contact Joe, Steve or Phil to schedule your hunts.
  • Any guest who would like to hunt and did not attend a work weekend must be approved by the Picketts.
  • The "January Rule" remains in effect.  To hunt during the rut (January & February), a hunter must have participated in a work weekend unless otherwise approved by the Picketts.

We are looking forward to a great and safe hunting season again this year!

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